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The Bankers Association of Namibia (BAN) advised in a media statement that they would make the public aware, on a regular basis, of scams still happening in Namibia and that people should be aware of.

Last week BAN concentrated on the prize and lottery scam, which is advance fee fraud, whereby people are led to believe they have won a huge prize, but can only collect if they pay for legal and administrative duties first. “This week we would like to make fellow Namibians aware of the change of banking details/letterhead scam,” says Ian Leyenaar, chairman of the Bankers Association of Namibia.

“This is a letter sent/circulated to companies, supposedly from a supplier or debtor, who indicates that they have changed their banking details. The new banking details are conveniently provided and some of the creditors would then make a payment to this newly provided account, only to find out at a later stage - when the legitimate supplier queries why no payment has been done - that the bank details provided was a scam.

This has happened to numerous companies over the years and more often than not the money is almost immediately withdrawn and lost forever.” Leyenaar, who is also the CEO of FNB Namibia, advised that customers/ businesses should never make any payments after receipt of new banking details. “Please verify all such information with your supplier/debtor, or with the bank, before any payments are made.”

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