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BAN Welcomes SME Bank

WINDHOEK – At a recent Bankers; Association of Namibia (BAN) meeting Ian Leyenaar, chairman of BAN, officially welcomed the SME Bank as a member of BAN.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome the SME Bank to the Bankers’ Association of Namibia. More banks in Namibia are welcome as they are proof of a healthy economy. Furthermore, assistance to SMEs is a welcome move because SMEs are the backbone of our economy. This is a sector that needs to grow and prosper in order to further contribute towards poverty alleviation.

Welcome once again SME Bank and may you grow from strength to strength.” In response the SME Bank CEO Tawanda Mumvuma said they are honoured to be part of the Bankers’ Association of Namibia, joining other banks to deal with non-competitive issues which are of common interest and significance to the Namibian banking industry.

The Bankers’ Association of Namibia was established in 1997 in accordance with the Banking Institutions Act as the representative trade association for the commercial banking sector in the country, with the over-arching objective of providing a forum for the consideration of policy matters impacting on the Namibian banking industry and to provide a forum for member banks to discuss common concerns and issues. It also acts as a medium for communication with government, the Bank of Namibia, and any other public bodies and authorities by conveying to them the views of the members on matters affecting the activities of banks.

In addition, through BAN, members deal with non-competitive issues which are of common interest and significance to the banking industry in Namibia.

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